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July 8, 2020 in The Hermit

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Thank you for your support!
by Cadaverrdog
June 26, 2020
Hi everybody! I'm so excited that people have been enjoying my comic so far. I know its really short right now, but I've been working extremely hard on it, and currently have 10 future pages thumbnailed out & the next page will be posted extremely soon. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to support me and my work, I have a Patreon where I will be offering WIPs, and early access to finished pages, and eventually bigger rewards for larger tiers. 

If you want to support me, but dont want to/cant subscribe to my patreon, i also have a Ko-fi for single- time donations. My comic will always be free to read, and donations arent required, but greatly appreciated as I am low-income.

as for the future of the comic, I have a lot of cool stuff planned, and I cant wait to share it with everybody.